3 ways to stop ocean pollution

The ocean is filling up with waste. Plastic cups, wrappers, and ironically, bin liners.

polluted waters


I hate when some show off just thinks they can chuck their rubbish off a wharf, or when some person leaves their rubbish on a beach at low tide and when they come back the next day, it is gone. It’s not right to put animals lives in jeopardy just so you do not have to walk 5 steps to the nearest bin. It makes me sick. Here are 3 ways to help stop ocean pollution.

  • 1 Use a bin

I’m going to make this small and sweet. The person who invented the bin was a genius.  A very rich genius. But yet litter is EVERYWHERE. When you “drop” rubbish the wind blows it, often to river systems, or just blows straight into the ocean. So please, use a bin. Simple, human, concept.


Balloons. They kill more seabirds than predators do. When you let go of the balloons, they fly up, up into the sky. It is NOT a beautiful sight. It is deadly.

Once the balloons are up, the wind will probably blow them into the ocean, and they will play pretend. They will get really shiny and bright, so the poor, poor bird thinks to itself ” ooo, a fish!” and will gobble it up and ( brace yourselves for the gory bit) once the balloon is in the bird, it will be full, but be unable to digest. Ergo, the bird will stay full, not eat, get no nutrients and die (gore over).

So please, every time  balloon flies away, a bird dies. Please save the birds!

  • 3 Pick up rubbish

Whenever you see rubbish PLEASE pick it up. Just bending over can save so many animals. When someone devotes a moment of their time to just picking up rubbish, it saves the ocean.

Thank you for reading, and keep up the good work.


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